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Pre Fabricated Structures

Our prefabricated structures are manufactured with innovative prefabrication technology. They show a perfect mix of factory-made components, thoroughgoing engineering & dependable assembly. Known for fast construction, easy installation and cost benefits, they are ideal for warehousing, factory, and supermarkets etc. Also, we custom-design the structures for your specific needs.

Technological Pre Engineered Structure

Technological pre-engineered buildings are specifically engineered to meet the industrial needs. They are particularly designed for specific industrial applications, providing sustainable and economical solutions. These technological structures offer engineering, architectural, functional and cost benefits. Also, they are developed for fast installation and negligible maintenance.

PEB Structures

PEB structures are engineered to satisfy numerous structural & aesthetic requirements. The pre-engineered buildings are faster to construct, safer and more durable. They are proven to meet diverse industrial construction needs. Economical and speedy, the structures are suitable for houses, showrooms, offices, factories, warehouses, and shop fronts etc.

Steel Pre Engineered Building

Steel pre-engineered building system has numerous applications. It offers a perfect blend of quality, speed and value. With these attributes, the system is ideal for commercial and industrial buildings. In addition to lower initial cost and faster construction, the steel building offers design and fabrication flexibility. It is applicable for factories, showrooms, supermarkets, warehouses, metro stations, offices, community buildings, and more.

Metal Beam Crash Barriers

Metal beam crash barriers are essential road safety system. They help protect vehicles as well as its occupants. Also they serve as visual guide for drivers. The metal barriers are applicable in many infrastructure projects. As world-class safety systems, they provide numerous advantages. These include cost-effectiveness, easy installation and longer life.

C and Z Purlin

We offer a comprehensive range of structural C and Z purlins. Manufactured from high-tensile galvanized steel, they are perfect for a wide range of applications. They are suited for industrial buildings, porches, garages, and more. The purlins create strong & reliable steel framing solutions. Also, they offer flexibility, reduced weight & long serviceable life.

Colour Coated Roofing Sheets

Our colour coated roofing sheets exhibit a right balance of coverage, strength and aesthetic appeal. We keep up with a perfect range of colours, thickness, width and profiles. These sheets offer advantages of steel strength, increased corrosion resistance and precision finish. Appropriate for roofing applications, the sheets are excellent in load distribution and leak-proof.

Roofing  Sheet

We offer strong and durable roofing sheets that provide quality roofing solutions. Designed to give aesthetic look, these are easy to handle and quick to install. With accurate thickness, length & width, they are perfect fit for any roof. The sheets are leak-proof, long lasting and light weight. They cover residential, commercial and institutional areas.

Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate sheets are truly versatile, and perfect for roofing, skylights, canopies, and partition etc. They help in enhancing aesthetics for residential and commercial buildings. Also, the polycarbonate roofing material offers energy-saving solutions. It maintains a balance of quality, style and economy. Polycarbonate sheets are lighter, stronger, and have high impact resistance.

FRP Sheets

FRP sheets are outstanding in terms of strength, light-weight and versatility. They offer natural light, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness. Fiber glass roofing sheets are practical for houses, offices, swimming pools, terrace, and open-to-sky areas. They have numerous advantages, including toughness, flexibility, resistant against rust and long lasting.

Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator

Wind driven turbo ventilators create effective ventilation, and suitable for many different industries. The wind assisted ventilation exhausts smoke, fumes, heat, and humidity etc. The ventilators are designed for long life, easy installation and high weather resistance. They are used for workplaces, warehouses, factory sheds, and homes.

Air Ventilators

Air ventilators are known for simple construction, easy installation and effective ventilation. These are helpful for industries, halls, warehouses, hospitals, schools and residences etc. Also, they enhance the functionality and architectural looks of the buildings. We keep up with different sizes and designs of the ventilators. With no operating cost and maintenance-free, they save your money and environment.

Foam Closure

Our offered foam closures withstand many temperature extremes and intense weather conditions. These are lightweight and flexible closures, perfect for particular building environments. Also, they are developed to meet various customer specifications. Made with fine graded materials, they are resistant to chemicals. The foam closures reduce the noise migration as well.

Self Drilling Screws

Self drilling screws effectively join materials such as sheet metal. These are high integrity screws made with high-grade material. They are engineered for corrosion resistance, high strength and simple use. We keep up with a range of sizes, grades and finishes to meet exact industrial need. Also, they offer versatility and required fastness in use.

Puff Insulated Panels

PUF insulated panels are high-quality, safe & cost-effective roof systems for construction industry. They offer a perfect way to insulate any home or industrial site. They give higher thermal performance and leak proof construction. Also, the panels are developed for simple installation and light-weight structures. They offer a mix of aesthetics and functional insulation too.

Decking Sheets

Decking sheets offer design flexibility and greater economy for the construction. They create innovative structural decking system, suitable for diverse needs. As they are precision-engineered, the sheets provide simplicity in use and safety. Also, they have superior spanning capability and greater loading capability. Our sheets are applicable for industrial plants, commercial buildings, office constructions, etc.

Structural Systems

Structural system or structural framing is a load-resisting portion of a structure. Its interconnected structural elements help to transfers the load. In building construction, the structural system safely transfers the applied loads. They offer immense strength, design flexibility and speed of construction. There are three major categories of the systems: low-rise, long-span and high-rise.

Hollow Section

Our structural hollow sections are manufactured by using high-quality metal. They conform to the best manufacturing standards. Also, we keep up with various thickness depending on the application. The sections are designed to have good strength to weight ratio. They are proven for cost-effectiveness, fast construction, and suited for welding etc.

Conventional Structure

We provide simple and effective structural solutions that meet conventional as well as modern-day construction needs. Our structures offer good scope for architectural and aesthetic characteristics. We make sure that the structures are cost-effective, practical and weather resistant. Also, we try to create application specific structures without comprising on strength, quality & durability.

Warehouse Buildings

We create innovative warehouse building solutions that are suited for various industrial needs. These are cost-efficient, practical and dependable spaces. Our steel warehouse buildings are versatile, and designed to accommodate all your requirements. They provide several advantages including: integrated design, maintenance-free and longevity.

SHS / RHS Structure

We provide the right solution for SHS / RHS structures. Here the hollow structural sections offer many benefits, such as simple construction, light-weight and durability. They are used in welded steel frames and columns etc. Our SHS / RHS structures provide both, strength and economy. There is a perfect blend of architectural aesthetics, weather performance and clean lines.

Tubular Structure

Tubular structures exhibit outstanding structural engineering, and they are designed to withstand lateral loads. They are also great in terms of structural behavior and appearance. These innovative structures have a balance between strength and functionality. They have many applications, including: industries, warehouses, commercial framework, and platforms etc.

Car Parking Shed

Our car parking sheds provide the required safety and protection to your car. They can be designed and assembled in unique styles, as per the requirement. Also, the process of installation is easy with negligible maintenance. We ensure that the structures possess long-lasting durability. They can be easily dismantled too.

General Engineering Structure

General engineering structure is great for a wide variety of industries & applications. They offer design freedom, space efficiency and cost benefits. Also, they are known to be versatile and rugged in nature. They can be suited for large as well as small structural engineering projects. Faster construction, dependability and longevity are a few key concepts here.

MS Tank

We offer MS storage tanks in vertical and horizontal shapes. They are engineered to withstand several industrial conditions. Also, they are designed to handle varied degrees of temperature & pressure. We keep up with precise construction, unmatched quality, robustness and long-lasting durability. Available in various sizes, the tanks offer unique benefits.

Stainless Tank

Stainless steel storage tanks are known for exceptional durability, resistant to corrosion & robust construction. Accessible in different shapes & sizes, they accommodate numerous industrial applications. They meet functional and structural requirements perfectly. Also they offer ease of cleaning, and almost maintenance-free. These tanks are applicable in food, chemical & pharmaceutical industries.

MS Chimney

A chimney is a robustly constructed structure, effective for the ventilation of hot gases, smoke, etc. They are generally vertical for smooth flow of gases. We keep up with innovative, efficient and application-specific chimneys. These are perfect for industrial fields. Our constructions show reasonable costing, reliable, strong fabrication, and other required features.

Highway Bridge

We develop highway bridges in many different designs. These are made of steel, and engineered for ruggedness, light-weight and economy. They are designed for heavy loads, and better traffic conditions for vehicles. Also, the bridges are easier to maintain. They can be engineered to serve a particular purpose, and practical for different situations.

Pedestrian Bridge

Our pedestrian steel bridges show the concepts of versatility, space efficiency and ruggedness. And their construction is from large to small. Here the steel is an outstanding material that provides sustainable and efficient solutions. We keep up with a range of bridges, known for economy, fast construction and negligible maintenance. Our bridges personify innovative design and dependable construction.

Labour Hutment

Labour Hutments are high-tensile steel structures, and ideal for labor / staff around the site. They require less space, easily assembled and ruggedly constructed. They provide respite to the staff from cold climates and extreme heat etc. Also, they are good in aesthetics, thermal insulation and weather performance. Also, they are Re-usable and very economical.

Hopper / Bunker / Silo

Hopper / Bunker / Silo is an effective structure, perfect for storing bulk material. They are used widely in agriculture, commercial and industrial fields. For instance, silos are commonly used for the storage of grain, cement, coal, and food products. They are proven to be economical, and appropriate for large operations. Also, they need less space compared with other storage system.

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